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It’s great to see the car dealerships getting serious about the wave that’s coming, the Frizelle group on the gold coast along with ReGenEV charging install…. Together we will starting rolling out EV charging,
we will start installing devices in all there dealerships, if you are unaware of the Frizelle group, the Frizelle group host a number of branded vehicles, the car company also own the Gold Coast Titans, we are thrilled to partner with the guys, not only do they do a lot for the local community but they are a great bunch to work with , we will start with Hyundai Coomera , this location is pretty handy for the ReGenEV team as our main Head office is literally down the road, this area of the gold coast is becoming famous for the ReGenEV team, we have installed for a host of companies around this area , including trade zone and now Hyundai.
It’s a great start for the Frizelle group , one step closer to becoming 100% EV , Hyundai will release more EVs in the coming 12 months. The group To date have released a number of full Electric vehicles, from the ionic range to the Kona range , these vehicles have amazing battery range , there vehicles also offer V2L functionality, which means you can power up appliances from your vehicle, the vehicle can charge fast , it offers 22kw charging speeds and many more unique features, also keep an eye out there are many more Electric vehicles from Hyundai on the way , from hybrid Units to full EV van and trucks you name it…. It’s coming
ReGenEV install all Brands of EV charging equipment, we believe it’s horses for courses , each custom has unique requirements, we pride ourselves on delivering and installing the exact device to suit the requirements
We chose to use the EV Solar Flow device on this occasion, as it has a bold commercial presence, it has an iron casing to protect against physical damage, we also wanted to use a socket version device to avoid damaged leads , we are seeing more and more tethered leads in the commercial setting being replaced due to wear and tear, the device has the ability to lock the lead in for security purposes as well, we also used this device as it ticks the solar requirements, it has the ability to track the solar and utilise any available solar production, the device has load management to ensure we don’t over burden the main supply to the property, this device is the perfect fit for a public setting it’s also priced competitively for a 22kw unit
We Look forward to the next installation, hope to see you there and don’t forget we are the best in the business for charging EVs and we have been installing Electric Vehicle equipment longer then most, make sure to reach out to our friendly staff , you will always end up with the correct device to suit your purposes, otherwise we will replace it with the correct device.


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