Workplace EV Charging Solutions

Having workplace EV chargers provide a multitude of benefits to the business owners and employees alike. These commercial charging stations present an excellent opportunity for businesses in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and beyond to attract new customers and enhance on-site engagement. Offering convenient EV charging solutions not only aligns with sustainable practices but also positions your business as forward-thinking and customer-friendly, creating a positive impact that resonates with customers throughout Australia.

Whether you’re a café, bar owner, retail store or body corporate manager, we can help you make an incredible return on investment with EV charger installations. We service the whole of Australia with the best EV chargers and installations that’ll put you ahead of the competition.

Why Offer Workplace Charging Stations?

The future is electric and installing EV chargers at work comes with a huge amount of benefits, such as:

  • Make employees happy. Show staff you care by making their lives easier with workplace charging stations. In the next few years, many more will switch to driving electric.
  • Keep customers onsite longer. All businesses benefit from onsite EV charging stations. The longer a customer browses, the increased income potential.
  • Cut costs and improve efficiency. Corporate EV chargers cuts down the time an employee has to search out a charging point. Getting it done at work increases efficiency and cuts costs. Plus, fleets can benefit from saving on maintenance and fuel costs.
  • Convenience for clients. Many clients will value a business with onsite EV charging and this could be an important factor when deciding who to do business with. Commercial EV charging stations are an attractive proposition for many.
  • Demonstrate a green company ethos. Showing environmental consciousness is important for businesses in the modern world. Having EV chargers at work is a clear message that you’re putting in the effort to create a greener planet.

Which Commercial EV Chargers Are Best?

The type of EV charger you install at work will depend on the needs of your employees and customers. Different levels of charger make it possible to speed up charging time, charge multiple vehicles simultaneously and integrate with various software systems.

The ReGen EV team can guide you through the whole process of planning and fitting your business with the best EV chargers for your requirements. Contact us anytime on 0430 506 459 for an obligation free quote.

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