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ReGen EV are proud to partner with other leading providers within the electric vehicle and renewable space.


We are one of Tesla proud preferred  installers on the Tesla web site.

Tesla Wall connector Gen 3

Wall Connector is the most convenient charging solution for houses, apartments, hospitality properties and workplaces.

With up to 71 km of range added per hour of charging, multiple power settings, 7.3m length and a versatile indoor/outdoor design, Wall Connector provides unparalleled convenience.

Wall Connectors can power-share to maximize existing electrical capacity, automatically distributing power to charge multiple cars simultaneously.

Tesla Wall connector Gen 2

Better suited to a public area, more durable… with the option to replace the plastic cover if damaged, the Gen 3 on the other hand is glass and it doesn’t have the ability to replace a cover the unit is in one piece

  • Recommended for Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y
  • Faster charging speeds than our standard mobile connector. Learn more about estimated recharge speeds on our Support Page
  • Customisable power levels and compatible with every different grid connection
  • Up to 4 Wall Connectors can share available power, perfect for families with more than one EV
  • The Wall Connector can be installed both indoors and outdoors


Every Wall Connector comes with a dedicated cable

7.3 Meter

Group 77


Elu 200Kw integrated Battery Dc Charger Solution
ELU and ReGenEV Partnership Announcement:
We are excited to announce the partnership between ELU and ReGenEV, which has resulted in the launch of a new EV charging hub at the Gold Coast Titans training facility. The event was a huge success, with a great turnout.
During the launch, Channel 9 sports report had the opportunity to interview AJ Brimson, the Gold Coast Titans full back and Queensland Maroons player. He spoke about the convenience and benefits of the EV charging hub on-site.
We were also honored to have the CEO of Frizelle Sunshine Automotive Group present at the launch, further demonstrating the significance of this partnership.
ReGenEV is immensely grateful to be the chosen installation partner for ELU, the upcoming EV charging supplier. We are excited about the future prospects of this collaboration, including ELU’s plan to establish an R&D center in the southeast corner. This center will focus on providing cutting-edge DC fast charging solutions.
With this successful launch under our belt, we look forward to installing many more charging hubs in various locations in the coming months. Our aim is to continue expanding and making EV charging more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Smappee EV charging solutions.

  • The smartest EV charging solution for every home and car park.
  • Self-sufficiency and autonomous overload protection.
  • Real-time and historical charging costs.
  • Priority charging and multiple rates.
  • Elegant design, ambient lighting.
  • Combine with building energy management system.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.

Part of the Smappee ecosystem.

The Smappee EV charging solutions can easily be integrated with Smappee’s smart energy management system for buildings (BEMS). That way, Smappee EV charging station owners not only get charging data but also in-depth energy insights and control over their building’s loads for optimised energy sufficiency and maximised self-consumption.

Cita Smart

  • We have partnered with Cita and are Australia’s supply and install of their full range of EV chargers.
  • Cita has the highest quality Uk products
  • Cita Smart 7 Socket version with detachable tethered lead, comes with app functionality, has the ability to obtain charging information, it also come with built in load balance feature.Comes in both single and 3 phase.
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  • Noodoe EV AC7P
  • Smart EV Charging
  • With Noodoe EV OS and its intuitive QR code access system, there are no accounts, no apps, no calls, no cards necessary
  • 100% automated, 24/7 autonomous operation – Just Scan, Pay, and Charge


  • Our solar install partners.
  • We trust and work along side Adapt Energy.
  • Adapt Energy only use high quality product, there products come with warranties and the team is more then happy to ensure they back there products and service.
  • The guys are extremely knowledgeable, they know everything there is to know about off grid living and offer all solutions relating.
  • They are available to anyone looking to further the understanding about energy alternatives without the high sales approach, education is their main focus to ensure that you obtain the correct advice.
  • The guys have options available to bundle EV charging, battery storage, solar panels.
  • Install an energy bundle to ensure when charging your EV the cost saving off set the grid supply cost and have cost free driving.

The team are Gold Coast based.


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