Commercial EV Chargers

We install & supply a wide range of EV chargers in commercial locations such as shopping centres, theme parks, restaurants, hotels & resorts.

ReGenEV is an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solution & installation company specialising in design and installation of EV charging infrastructure supporting multiple charging solutions.

Our highly skilled electricians are trained in understanding the requirements for large-scale commercial properties.  With 25 years experience in the electrical field, ReGenEV are well equipped to deliver your project.

The ReGenEV team is highly trained in load management ensuring the development is not overburdened by increased load.  The team are experienced in retro fitting buildings to accommodate EV charging.

At ReGenEV we take pride in working out the complexity of individual sites.  Our highly skilled team have demonstrated experience managing and delivering projects to the required standard, on time and within budget.  We provide high value and sustainable solutions for clients, the community, and future generations to come.

It is estimated that by 2025, 25% of all vehicle sales will be electric. Get ahead of the curve by installing an EV charging station at your place of business.

Foster Customer and Employee Loyalty by Going Green

It has been well documented that consumers and employees tend to have a more positive image of a company that supports environmental and social issues. They are more loyal to such companies than less eco-conscious competitors. This is especially the case for millennials and “generation X” and those who already own or who may in the future own an electric vehicle.

Literally Puts Your Business on the Map

Installing EV chargers will grow your brand’s visibility and draw in new clients. New mobile applications are being developed that allow EV drivers to plan routes, locate sites with electric charging points, add their own charging locations, and create discussions on their experiences. Since the average charge time is around a half-hour, they are also likely to be interested in shopping or dining in the area while they charge.


DC Fast Charging

DC fast charging is the way to go, sit back and relax, enjoy a cup of coffee and your car will be charged within an average of 30 min.


AC Charging

AC charging is not as quick as DC charging but you can go shopping or dinning for a few hours and you will get a sufficient charge.



Noodoe EV AC7P

Smart EV Charging

With Noodoe EV OS and its intuitive QR code access system, there are no accounts, no apps, no calls, no cards necessary

100% automated, 24/7 autonomous operation – Just Scan, Pay, and Charge


EV Box

Business Line


32AMP interlock Socket Pigtail for Tesla portable charger.

32AMP interlock Socket Pigtail for Tesla portable charger.


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