Strata & Body Corporate EV Charging Solutions

ReGen EV is your trusted provider of strata and body corporate EV charger systems, catering to customers nationwide. Our dedicated team offers comprehensive end-to-end EV charging solutions, guiding you through the process to select the best EV chargers that align with both your needs and budget. Whether you’re in a bustling city like Brisbane, along the scenic Gold Coast, or anywhere else throughout Australia, we are committed to delivering the best solutions for your strata and body corporate EV charging requirements.

EV Charging for Shared Housing Developments

Shared living is building in popularity every year. As a body corporate or strata building manager, it’s important to have quality amenities onsite to keep residents happy. EV chargers are one such amenity that apartment dwellers are looking for.

And, as more people turn to EVs, a housing development with EV chargers will be seen as more valuable. ReGen EV have the skills and experience to install and maintain EV chargers in residential properties large and small. You can contact us anytime if you need help deciding if EV chargers are right for your building.

In Depth Assessment and Planning for Every Site

The ReGen EV team will provide an in-depth site review for every new customer. After this, we provide our assessment and preliminary plan. After you look this over, we’ll work together to decide on the optimal solution according to your buildings electrical capabilities.

Our aim is to install EV charger systems that suit your residents needs and your budget. Because we are electrical contractors that actually install the chargers, we can use our practical knowledge and experience to get to an outcome that is right for everybody.

Factors to Consider for Strata EV Charger Systems

According to statistics, the sale of EVs in Australia increased by 65% in 2022. Maybe your current residents have switched already? And, it’s likely that new residents will be attracted by EV charging installations in your building. Either way, before you install chargers, here are a few considerations to make:

Assess requirements

Send out a survey to current residents to asses EV charging needs.

Energy assessment

Get an expert energy auditor to assess your buildings energy capabilities. This will help you plan for the impacts of EV charging.

Charger needs

The type of chargers you install will depend on the buildings electrical capacity and the charging needs of residents.

Charger usage

Will EV chargers be available to all residents or just a lot owner? Plus, who’ll take care of and manage the chargers?

Planning approval

It’s important to check the legislative requirements for EV chargers in your area.