Retail and Hospitality EV Charging Solutions

We offer hotels, shopping centres and retail locations a complete range of EV charging solutions in Brisbane, Gold Coast and throughout Australia. We provide the best EV chargers and provide installations at a time that suits you, to minimise disruption to business.

We are commercial EV charging specialists and have over 25 years’ experience in the electrical charging industry. Our team has the skills and experience to install EV chargers that suit any EV model. We deal with installation, earthworks, testing and even provide after installation care when you’re getting used to your new system.

Smart Technology That’s Simple to Use

ReGen EV makes it easy to start your EV charging journey. We provide a range of EV chargers and charging solutions to suit different business needs and budgets. Our experts can assist you with the planning, designing and fitting of your hospitality charging network.

Enjoy inbuilt screens to instantly show charging status. A mobile app and smart software allows you to control your charging network while staying informed. It even gives you useful information on how maximise vehicle uptime while minimising energy costs.

Position Your Business as a Sustainability Leader

Electric vehicle sales are on the rise. Future proof your hospitality business by providing EV chargers for your customers and staff today. EV charging at work is extremely convenient and shows your hotel, shopping centre or retail outlet as a sustainability leader.

Being kind to the planet is increasingly important to employees and the general public. Showing a green commitment sends a clear message where your business stands and that you care for the future of the planet.

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Benefits of EV Charging Points for Your Business

Hospitality and retail EV charging stations not only attracts new customers, but keeps your current ones happy. The many benefits of installing EV chargers include:

  • Keep employees happy. When employees feel that their needs are met, they are more productive and engaged. EV charging stations at work shows an employer that is committed and caring.
  • Customers stay for longer. One huge benefit of EV charging stations is that customers will stay for longer if they can charge their vehicle. This translates to longer shopping times and more money spent.
  • Showing care for the environment. Showing a green commitment is key for businesses these days. Installing EV chargers shows an environmental responsibility that enhances brand image.
  • Cutting costs and improving efficiency. Fuel and maintenance costs can be saved for those companies using vehicle fleets. Plus, EV charging points at work makes it easier on employees.
  • Adding convenience for clients. Convenience and sustainability can be a deciding factor whether a client will partner with a business.
Residential EV Charger

What Businesses Are Suited to EV Charging?

Many types of retail, hospitality and commercial businesses are well suited to having EV chargers on the premises. These include:

  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Fuel stations
  • Corporate parks
  • Shopping malls and multiplex
  • Council and government buildings
  • Airports
  • University campuses