Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a standard Electrician to install my EV wall charger ?

Yes you can. Keep in mind that if the standard electrician hasn’t installed an EV charger previously the process will take a lot longer, the materials used may be incorrect and the settings on the device may be set incorrectly

What is the best EV charger for my home?

The best EV charger for your home really depends on your circumstances. We have a wide range of Electric Vehicle Chargers to match most situations and most electric vehicle makes and models – not only Tesla.

What are the safety ramifications if the EV infrastructure is installed incorrectly?

If your Electric Vehicle Charging Point is installed incorrectly then your insurance company may not cover any damage caused in an accident (ie. fire). It is also important to have your electric vehicle charger installed by a qualified electrician.

Is it more expensive to use a specialist EV Charging installer?

No it is not, in fact it might work out more cost effective as the installer is quicker and knows exactly what’s required.

Can I install a 32amp circuit without approval from Energex in Queensland?

Yes you can, providing the circuits is on a switched tariff and or three phase supply.

Can I use a Portable charger to charge at home? (10amps or 16amps and 32amp pigtails)

Yes you can however you will require a designated circuit above 10amps with a safety device in the switchboard and you can obtain fast charging comparable with the EV wall box.

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