Fleet EV Charging Solutions

ReGen EV provide tailored and scalable fleet EV charging solutions in Queensland, the Gold Coast and throughout Brisbane. Whether you operate a small or large fleet, we have EV charger systems to suit.

Investing in EV chargers reduces your operating costs, with EV charging costing on average a 1/3 of the price of refueling with diesel or petrol. Not only that, but electric vehicles have lower repair and maintenance costs than the average combustion engine vehicles.

Tailored Fleet EV Charger Systems

ReGen EV offers complete EV charging solutions for your fleet including software, hardware, installation and support. We tailor our services to your exact needs and work with each client closely to provide fleet EV charger systems that suit their budget, electrical capabilities and future scalability projections.

Our fleet charger systems are compatible with all types of EV and will be installed by our team of specialists. You can enjoy a 100% guarantee that our EV charger installation services are fast, safe and compliant and create minimal disruption for your business.

We Help with the Initial and Future Planning Needs of Your EV Fleet

We provide fleet EV charging installations that are future proof. We’ve no doubt that your fleet will grow and our expert team ensures scalability is taken care of. As your fleet expands, our team will work with you keep your EVs charged and on the road.

When switching to electric, it’s important to utilize experts in the industry to make the transition as smooth as possible. ReGen EV have helped many fleets find the right charging solutions to enhance their business operations. We understand the needs of small, medium and heavy duty fleets and work with each partner to find customised EV solutions that maximizes performance and can be scaled exponentially.

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The Advantages of Using Electric Vehicles for Your Fleet

According to predictions, by 2025, EVs will make up 10% of all Australian cars. There’s no better time to switch your fleet to electrical vehicles so you can enjoy the many benefits, such as:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Significantly lower fuel costs
  • Charging onsite is simple and saves time
  • Green marketing benefits for your business
  • Safer and healthier workplace and driving experience
  • Lowers fleet ownership expenses over time

Fleet EV Charging Specialists Queensland

ReGen have been installing EV charging systems for residential and commercial clients for over 25 years. We specialise in large scale fleet transitions to EV and can help with the planning, installation and future upgrades.

One of our expert electricians will visit your site to assess your vehicle load needs, electrical capacity and space, so we can provide the best EV chargers for your fleet. Our aim is to help you switch seamlessly, so you can start enjoying lower fleet costs and a greener image.