Residential property

The Challenge / Benefits
We love the EVNEX solar EV charging solution
Optimising your solar for Electric Vehicle is the way to go ,
the E2 slim line EVNEX device is the first of its kind , light weight, very narrow in size ….. ReGenEV have installed 99% of devices on the Australian market, but this device is by far the sleekest we have seen,
the look is definitely one advantage but the build quality is the other advantage….
The EVNEX company had not only the user in mind but the installer as well, the internals of the device are well protected to accompany the wiring and it’s an easy set up for both commissioning and securing to the walls surface
ReGenEV are proud to support our New Zealand partner and we look forward to many more installs in the future
Thanks to Jason Zhang and the EVNEX Team
Product Used