SMAPPEE Smart EV charger (home) 7.4kW plus 8 meter charging lead & cable Holder.



The Smappee charging station is compatible with every electrical connection and with any hybrid or electric vehicle. And have you heard that a Smappee home charging station charges up to 7x faster than a regular connection?

This product  DOES NOT include installation from one of our EVSE qualified installers.
Please contact ReGen EV charging install for a charger + installation.

Charge up to 6x cheaper with smart energy management

Do you want to maximize the solar energy generated by your solar panels at home for your charging sessions? Well, you can! Smappee’s integrated energy management system allows you to charge your electric car with solar energy throughout the day, or at the lowest energy rate. Smappee harnesses as much of your solar power as possible, or optimizes costs based on off-peak, capacityor dynamic rates. It is the most economical energy for your car and household appliances. This way you can charge your car up to 6x cheaper, and easily save on your energy.


with cable

  • wall mounted
  • 8-meter charging cable with cable holder
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 7.4 kW
  • 300 × 300 × 110 mm
  • with home energy management

EV Charger Installation For Residential & Commercial

Purchase your EV Charger today, and let our expert team manage your installation!We provide experienced design, installation and maintenance of EV Charger for both residential and business users, compliant with Australian standards and regulations.

*price of charger does not include installation.