ZJ BENY EV Home Solar Charging Station | AC 22kW Type 2 Cable Version RFID + WiFi and Bluetooth


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  • BCP (BCP-AT2-L) Series EV chargers have an IP65 patented design case for outdoor& indoor use.
  • The type2(IEC 62196-2) charging connector +6m inbuilt charging lead
  • Standard RFID card function + WiFI and Bluetooth
  • The EV charger output power can be adjusted from 6A all the way up to 32A
  • EXCLUDING DLB Dynamic Load Balance monitor module
  • Optional WIFI & mobile APP controlling function
  • 3phase power consumption, with charging power up to 22kW
This product  DOES NOT include installation from one of our EVSE qualified installers.
Please contact ReGen EV charging install for a charger + installation.


Dynamic Load Balancing 

ZJ Beny EV charging station dynamic load balancing

DLB (Dynamic Load Balancing) is available in the BCP series AC EV Charger for home use, when the EV charger is working with other household appliances at the same time, the DLB box can maintain the dynamic balance of the total household current and ensure the safety of electricity to avoid home over load.

Set the Max current value of the main line on the DLB box. The charger will read this current value and automatically adjust the charging current (6A-32A) according to the idle load quota, so that the total household current will not be overloaded due to charging. This function can effectively use the power supply without providing
additional power for the charging or home line update.


RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Card)

ZJ Beny radio frequency identification card

Smart APP

ZJ Beny Smart App
  • The EV charger can be controlled by smart APP via WIFI or bluetooth connection
  • One to one binding EV charger by reset the password, prevent the EV charger being stolen
  • View charging data and status
  • Set up various charging configurations, charging current,DLB mode, etc
  • Scheduled charging
  • View historical charging records
  • Setting monthly maximum charging values
  • Firmware update

EV Charger Installation For Residential & Commercial

Purchase your EV Charger today, and let our expert team manage your installation!We provide experienced design, installation and maintenance of EV Charger for both residential and business users, compliant with Australian standards and regulations.

*note charging station does not include installation cost.