Tesla wall connector Gen 3


Residential property

Tesla model

The Challenge / Benefits

Another tricky install for ReGenEV team.
More then happy with the outcome,
we arrived at the double story large designer builder home.
we were told that the install should be challenging , at first glance I had to agree,
however once we had a more in-depth look at the property it was clear to me that I would save the customer money.
Our quote initially reflected the level of complexity.
As always I try to achieve cost cutting for the customer.
This install no doubt was an all day process, from an early start to a very late afternoon.
As a result we managed to find a cavity which ran from one side of the house to the other
The cavity ran between the two parts of the house, saving the ReGenEV team from accessing the high part of the two story
This allowed cutting cost of materials.
I’m always happier to notify the customer of the reduction in the final costs.
If you are after a team to help install any brand EV infrastructure, ReGenEV are the Team
We are here to support all EV charging providers

Product Used

Tesla Wall connector Gen 3