Noodoe 22kw EVOS

Commercial property

Unit complex

The Challenge / Benefits
ReGenEV has recently completed another successful project. This time, they installed the Noodoe 22kw EVOS device, which offers a convenient payment method through credit card scanning. No app is required for this payment process.
Four devices were installed in the lower basement car park, with two separate locations. One location required a 100m cable run, while the other had a 50m cable run. Since the site had limited internet connectivity, as is typical in a basement car park, a data cable was sent from the ground floor to the levels that needed connectivity.
To ensure a stable connection, ReGenEV set up ubiquity access points. This was crucial as the payment devices rely on good connectivity to ensure efficient payment processing.
ReGenEV would like to express their gratitude to Oak Energy, Meriton Brisbane City, and Noodoe for their support during the installation process. Thanks to their collaboration, the entire installation was completed within just two days. This was made possible by the skilled and efficient team at ReGenEV.
Product Used
Noodoe 22kw EVOS