Smappee EV wall charger 22 kW 8m charging lead & cable holder.


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. Elegant design and revolutionary technology.
. Cost-effective charging with energy management
. Fast, safe and user friendly.
. Powder coated steel and aluminium enclosure provides superior heat dissipation.
. Award winning minimalistic design.
. Manage charging sessions from any where with your smart phone.
. 7m charging lead and cable holder.
. Three-Phase. (Home)
This product  DOES NOT include installation from one of our EVSE qualified installers.
Please contact ReGen EV charging install for a charger + installation.

* Add – EV wall Three-Phase Solar monitoring add on for Three- Phase solar.

The Smappee EV Wall electric vehicle charger provides a stylish and very functional solution for EV charging in homes, especially when optimised solar and off-peak charging is needed. The built-in Smappee smart charging capabilities provides optimised self-consumption of solar power, maximum demand limiting, and overload protection.

The Smappee EV Wall is quick to install with a simple cable configuration and installation wizard. There are options available for single-phase and three-phase powered homes. Connect to the charger via a type 2 charging lead.

The expandable Smappee Infinity energy monitoring system at additional cost allows users to receive detailed insights in to the charging process and costs via the Smappee app and dashboard. Along with other appliances and circuits in their home, by adding additional circuit monitoring.

Complimenting the EV Wall’s award winning design, the EV charger also includes an integrated LED panel to indicate charging status and provide ambient lighting at night.

Charging sessions can be started and stopped with plug & charge, remotely with the app, or using the smart charging feature which optimises solar and off-peak charging.