Ev Solar Flo 22kw Solar aware



Ev Solar Flo 22kw Untethered version (additional 5 meter Type to Type 2 single phase lead provided)

This product  DOES NOT include installation from one of our EVSE qualified installers.
Please contact ReGen EV charging install for a charger + installation.


Our most affordable EV Commercial Ev Wall Charger

Ev Solar Flo 22kw

We chose to use the EV Solar Flow device in commercial installs, as it has a bold commercial presence, it has an iron casing to protect against physical damage, we also wanted to use a socket version device to avoid damaged leads , we are seeing more and more tethered leads in the commercial setting being replaced due to wear and tear, the device has the ability to lock the lead in for security purposes as well, we also used this device as it ticks the solar requirements, it has the ability to track the solar and utilise any available solar production, the device has load management to ensure we don’t over burden the main supply to the property, this device is the perfect fit for a public setting it’s also priced competitively for a 22kw unit.