Circontrol Wallbox ehome 7.4Kw Tethered Version



Circontrol Wallbox ehome 7.4kw Tethered version (comes with lead)

This product  DOES NOT include installation from one of our EVSE qualified installers.
Please contact ReGen EV charging install for a charger + installation.


Our most affordable EV Wall Charger

Presenting a straightforward and dependable Spanish-manufactured home EV charger, ideal for residential settings, communal garages, or workplaces where user authentication isn’t necessary. This charger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.

  • Power Output: 7.4 kW on a single phase
  • Design: Features a compact and elegant design
  • Charging Process: Offers a simple and hassle-free charging experience
  • Safety: Ensures maximum safety protection
  • Connection Options: Available with either a cable or Type 2 connector
  • Weather Resistance: Enclosure rated IP54, providing weatherproof durability
  • Configurability: Can be configured to 20A during installation
  • Construction: Made of ABS-PCV0 material for sturdy construction
  • Temperature Range: Operating temperature ranges from -5 °C to +45 ºC, while storage temperature ranges from -40 ºC to +60 ºC
  • Humidity Tolerance: Operates effectively within a humidity range of 5% to 95% non-condensing
  • Status Indicators: Features RGB indicators (ready, charging, error) for clear status updates
  • Current Adjustment: Built-in dial for easy current setting
  • Dimensions: Compact dimensions of 115 x 180 x 315 mm
  • Weight: Lightweight design, weighing only 4 kg
  • Remote Activation: Capable of remotely activated charging through external input

Circontrol eHome 7.4kW EV Charger

With over 25-years experience in e-mobility solutions, Circontrol are a proven and trusted supplier of high-quality EV charging stations.

The Circontrol eHome EV charging station is quick to install with a simple cable configuration. There are options available for type 2 socket or integrated charging lead.

Taking into account that a domestic charger is often considered an appliance, an attractive design and a small size are key attributes to be addressed.

The Wallbox eHome series also offers other attributes such as low-cost, robustness, and user-friendly operation.

Designed to be installed (both indoors and outdoors) at private homes, communal blocks, companies and other places where user authentication is not a requirement.