Tesla wall connector Gen 3


Residential property

Tesla model

The Challenge / Benefits

Brisbane install today
Straight back to back install
This install is the most cost effective install of them all….. $450 plus GST, we can install your wall connector.
The back to back install consists of the device being placed on the opposite side of the wall as the switchboard or right beside.
We install the large cable required, we make sure we install type B Mcbo, isolation device.
We also ensure that commissioning process goes to plan, we set up the wall connector via the apps and commission the wall connector to the internet for remote connectivity,
No need for wasting time reading manuals or relying on the customers to finish the commissioning process,
ReGenEV do the job and do it quickly and efficiently
We also finish the job by testing with the correct EVSE equipment
We also ensure that we have an electric vehicle to run the final test to ensure the customer know that when there Tesla vehicle arrives it works first time ever time.

Product Used

Tesla Wall connector Gen 3