Tesla wall connector Gen 3


Commercial property

Tesla model

The Challenge / Benefits

Thanks to the team at direct suspension Brendale for allowing us to virtually take over there work shop.
It was our pleasure to have the opportunity to install your Tesla wall connector.
The install consists of a 25meters of 4 core and earth ( 3 phase) 6ml cable.
We ran the cable down one side of the work shop and along the back wall to the 3 phase spine switchboard.
As ReGenEV always do, we installed the MCBO safety switch 4 pole to ensure over current thermal protection.
We always take our time with the commissioning and testing process, by having a link attached to our phones, we can easily bring the Tesla platform up, select the correct amperage, select the correct earth monitoring, and download the updates
ReGenEV always use our Electric vehicles to run the final and most important test…. Plug in the type 2 charge cable and watch the indicator charge lights move in the up ⬆️ direction.

Product Used

Tesla Wall connector Gen 3