Smappee Switch



  • Allows for wireless control and power monitoring of a single appliance or group of appliances
  • Multiple switches build a mesh network that bridges distances and obstacles
  • Configure up to 20 switches in one system
  • Works with the Smappee Home Energy Monitor and Smappee Genius

The Smappee Switch is a smart monitoring and control device that works with both the Smappee Energy and the Smappee Genius (part of the Infinity system) offering a cost-effective method for sub-metering individual appliances and allowing for smart control with the Smappee app.

Once you have your Energy or Genius installed, all you need to do is plug the switch into a power outlet and plug your appliance into the other end.

You can then monitor the consumption of an individual appliance to see exactly what it’s costing you. The Switch measures the exact consumption of an appliance or group of appliances depending on how it is installed and offers control over these appliances (remotely or by tapping the Switch).

The Switch can also improve the Smappee Genius appliance recognition technology (NILM) via the ‘Learn with Switch’ app feature.

Furthermore, by adding automation via the app, the Smappee Switch can be controlled based on user-configured conditions allowing for optimized comfort, energy savings, and utilisation of solar power.