Smappee Power Box


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  • Works with both single-phase (240V) and three-phase (415V)
  • Energy metering including power factor and harmonics
  • Measures up to 28 current channels by adding CT Hubs and split-core CTs
  • Provides 12V DC power to all Infinity system components
  • Modbus-RTU communications for use with third-party BMS/EMS

The Power Box is the compact and robust heart of the Smappee Infinity monitoring system as it provides power to all components.

It’s compatible with almost any electricity network worldwide and is DIN-rail mountable.

It offers energy metering functionalities such as measurement of the current, the line voltages, phase voltages, active and reactive energy.

The Power Box is the interface for the CT Hubs via the Smappee Bus A. In combination with the CT Hub, the Power Box can measure up to 28 loads.

The measured data is transferred via ModBus-485 (Smappee Bus B).